The Backbone of the Supply Chain
The success of the global supply chain depends upon goods and services arriving at a given destination rapidly and efficiently. In the challenging regions where we operate, travelling from point A to point B isn’t always a straight line. Often, a single delivery to a remote outpost can easily involve trucks, aircraft and marine vessels. Border activity and climate factors can cause frequent or sudden changes to established delivery routes.

We manage all complex transportation challenges with confidence. We develop highly process-driven but flexible scheduling and dispatch processes to support our clients’ missions. We have the operational, safety and maintenance systems in place to make sure this is achieved safely and efficiently.

Supreme Group offers expertise in both Aviation and Ground Transportation Services. 

Proven Experience

"Supreme’s solution, in concert with our partners, provides a scalable capability that can grow and evolve to meet the tempo and requirements of ISAF forces during the next 18 months, when redeployment and retrograde activities gain momentum."